Top Rated Dehumidifiers

Moldy basements, mildewy rooms, and sticky humid summer temperatures become a breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful substances in your home. Moisture is your house’s number one enemy – but how do you get rid of it and take all that water out of the air?

You need one of the best-rated dehumidifiers on the market. These little powerhouse machines are designed to suck moisture out of your home’s air and either store it in their included water tanks or have it drained out. Not every dehumidifier is the same, and they have different features and benefits.

In compiling our top rated dehumidifiers we’ve considered results of Consumer Reports tests and published feedback from customers. Of course, it helps if you are informed about how to choose a dehumidifier so you can decide what is important to you before you buy.

As a result of our analysis, we are confident that we’ve found the best dehumidifiers on the market right now. In addition to consumer feedback, some of the factors that we’ve considered in our selections are:

  • Overall performance rated by independent tests
  • Value for money
  • Predicted reliability
  • Humidistat accuracy
  • Energy efficiency
  • Frost control
  • Noise rating

Here are the five top rated dehumidifiers that provide a range of capacities to meet your specific needs.

Emerson Quiet Kool 70-Pint Dehumidifier

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Remove up to 70 pints of moisture from the air in your home within a 24-hour cycle, covering as much as 4,500 square feet. This best-rated dehumidifier is portable, lightweight, easy to use, and has a continuous drain mode to use with a garden hose and lower your overall humidity levels. There are also basement and bedroom modes that give you preprogrammed humidity levels for each location. You’ll really appreciate the 24-hour timer that gives you that convenient ‘set it and forget it’ option to preset times.

On top of this excellent dehumidifier, you’ll find the digital control panel and display. It gives you an accurate humidity level readout, as well as indicator lights for the pump, filter, the three fan speeds, the three modes, two timer settings, and the clearly marked power button. The fan speeds are high, medium, or low. The water tank is right in front and easily accessed for dumping out the water.

It also has automatic shut off once the tank is full. In the back is the air vent and removable air filter, too. Four sturdy casters can wheel this dehumidifier around your basement or home. Overall, it’s well designed, sleek, unobtrusive, and has plenty of features and controls. In size, this dehumidifier is 15” wide, 12” deep, and 25.2” high, with a weight of 45.2 pounds.


  • Rated high in Consumer Reports tests for energy efficiency, water removal and humidistat accuracy;
  • Auto re-start function;
  • Plenty of controls for fan speeds and modes;
  • Fan switches off when compressor shuts off, which keeps the unit as quiet as possible and reduces energy usage;
  • Nice design to go into your home and fit nicely;
  • Humidity temperature controls and continuous draining mode.


  • Not Energy Star-rated;
  • Doesn’t come with draining hose;
  • Have to replace air filters.

Despite it not being Energy Star certified, this Emerson Quiet Kool Dehumidifier works for a large square footage coverage area, is easily set up for continuous draining (the model is available with a pump for draining to a higher level), and has plenty of digital features.

Costway Portable Energy Star Dehumidifier

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You get your choice of three different pint sizes – 30 pints, 50 pints, or 70 pints – when purchasing this top-rated Costway Portable Energy Star Dehumidifier. The more pints of moisture a dehumidifier can pull out of the air, the bigger the water tank size and the less frequently you have to empty it. This dehumidifier is boxy in shape and size, with none of the sleekness of other models. It has high-quality rolling wheels, not just casters, to move from room to room.

All told, it covers about 1,200 square feet of space. There are three fan speeds, including low, medium, and high. In the 50 pint size, the tank capacity is 8 liters, which is larger than other dehumidifiers of this size.

This dehumidifier is also easy to program. You can set the humidity level between 35% and 80% in the room, and also preset the time it begins from 1 to 12 hours. There’s a place in the back where you can attach a hose for continuous draining, too.

Once the tank is full, it stops pulling moisture and shows the full-tank light. The tank has a handle on it for easy water dumping. It does come with a filter, but that’s easily removable for cleaning. In size, this dehumidifier is 15.5” long, 12” wide, and 24” high, with a weight of 44 pounds.


  • Energy Star rated, so uses less electricity than a dehumidifier of the same size
  • Easy to use digital controls for setting fan speed and humidity percentage
  • Quiet and unobtrusive


  • Not as durable and long lasting
  • Boxy shape, functional but not well designed
  • Doesn’t cover as much square footage as similar models

In summary, if you have the perfect sized space for this Costway Portable Energy Star Dehumidifier and you don’t mind its boxy appearance, this really is one of the best-rated dehumidifiers you can get.

Keystone 30 Pint Dehumidifier

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B01CILF2M4″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”nichwebs0e-20″ width=”500″]

This little Keystone 30 Pint Dehumidifier looks like a small version of an air conditioner, and it packs a lot of features and benefits in a compact space. Despite its size, it can take out up to 30 pints of moisture out of a 1,500 square foot sized space per day. While this isn’t a lot of space, for those of you in small apartments, dorms, condos, or RVs, it would be the perfect size.

The digital display and controls right on top of this dehumidifier are attractively designed and have one touch operation. Press the ‘power’ to turn it on, select your fan speed, either turbo, normal, or auto-defrost, set the timer, and choose from the filter or continuous draining buttons if you’d like those options. Pretty easy to follow and doesn’t need complicated directions to have it set up within minutes. The timer is 24 hours long, so you can have a cycle that lasts a whole day.

The auto defrost feature prevents icing on the coils, a common problem in dehumidifiers when the temperature drops too low. While the water tank does have a handle to easily remove it, it only holds one gallon of water. Unless you have it hooked up to continuous draining, it frequently needs to be emptied. It does have automatic shut off when the tank is full.

This little dehumidifier is pretty quiet and won’t produce a lot of excess noise. It comes with a removable and easy-to-clean dust filter as well. If the power goes out, there’s an automatic restart feature. Underneath are rolling casters to move it to a new area. This dehumidifier is 14.2” wide, 9.9” deep, and only 20.1” high, with a light weight of 28.6 pounds.


  • Wonderful and easy to use control display with LED lights
  • Continuous draining option
  • Three fan speeds, including auto-defrost to prevent icing


  • Water tank is very small
  • Doesn’t cover a lot of square footage
  • Not Energy Star certified

For those with a small space to dry out that needs a little workhorse of a machine, this Keystone 30 Pint Dehumidifier will do the job nicely.

Danby Energy Star 70 Pint Dehumidifier

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One of the best whole house dehumidifiers that also doesn’t take up a lot of space is this one from Danby. It’s Energy Star efficient and uses less power than a similar dehumidifier of the same size, but it packs a lot of features into a small space. With both the compressor and fan running, it takes about 550 watts of power. It can also take out the moisture of a space that’s up to 4,500 square feet, so it’s perfect for a 3- or 4-bedroom house.

This great dehumidifier comes with two fan speeds of either high or low, as well as a 24 hour on/off timer. The water tank holds 12.7 pints of water, although it can remove up to 70 pints of moisture per day. Once full of water, it automatically shuts off. Built in to this little machine is a smart dehumidifying function, which means it automatically controls humidity by taking a reading of the room temperature.

One great bonus is the automatic de-icing system in lower temperatures, keeping coils free of ice. It can operate with temps as low as 41 degrees Fahrenheit. You can remove the air filter to wash it and put it back, plus there’s also a direct drain system.

The size of this dehumidifier is 11.8” wide, 16.1” deep, and 24.2” high, with a nice weight of 41.4 pounds. There are four built-in caster wheels to move it around your home, too. Its overall design isn’t sleek or modern, just kind of white and boxy, with a black back. If you’d like continuous drainage, there is a place to connect a hose. It would fit a garden hose. It’s also the only dehumidifier on this list that’s not made in China, which is a good thing, too.


  • Quality feel, made in Canada, and is a premium machine
  • Even on high speed, the fan is relatively quiet and unobtrusive
  • Auto-defrost mode, excellent for colder basements and rooms


  • Air comes out the left side, rather than the top of the machine
  • Very small capacity tank for a dehumidifier of this size
  • Needs filters replaced, adding to overall costs

Made in Canada and backed by a two-year warranty, this Danby Energy Star Dehumidifier has some excellent features. It would work best with continuous drainage, since the tank is so small.

hOmeLabs 9 Gallon 70 Pint Dehumidifier

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B073VBWKJZ” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”nichwebs0e-20″ width=”500″]

This is one of the best dehumidifiers for a 3-bedroom house, since it can remove the moisture in a space that’s up to 4,000 square feet. That’s up to 70 pints from the air per day, all stored in the 9-gallon tank. It’s also certified by Energy Star, so it won’t use as much energy as a machine of similar size, like an air conditioner. The current is rated at 4.7 Amps. Unlike a clunky a/c unit, this is attractively designed to fit in with modern décor, so it’s not an eyesore.

Right on top of the machine is the attractive control panel, which features buttons for filtering, continuous operation, a turbo mode, the timer, and the power. There’s also a double arrow button to increase or decrease the humidity percentage, as well as indicator lights for the auto defrost and full modes. You can customize the humidity level from 35% all the way up to 85%. It’s best for rooms that have a temperature between 41 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

To use this dehumidifier, you simply plug it in with your ideal moisture setting, let it run on a 24-hour cycle until the tank is full, and then it automatically shuts off until you empty the tank and start it again. Very simple and effective. It comes with a drain hose outlet for the option of continuous draining, although the hose isn’t included. You can use a standard garden hose.

It does include a washable filter. The turbo mode increases fan speed from normal to high in case of extremely humid rooms caused by storms or flooding. In size, this dehumidifier measures 15.4” wide, 11” deep, and 24.3” high, with a weight of about 40 pounds. There’s rolling casters on the bottom to position it. If you’d like a different size with the same great design, then there’s also a 4 gallon size or a 6 gallon size.


  • Washable filter and a drain hose outlet
  • Really easy to use and operate, with one-touch controls
  • Attractive and modern design


  • Doesn’t come with an exterior drain hose for continuous moisture removal
  • Not good for temps outside of 41 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Takes 3 minutes to reset itself between dehumidifying cycles

In summary, this hOmelabs Dehumidifier is quiet, well designed, and simple to use and operate without a 20-page manual. It’s got some negatives, but has a really high rating, too.


Keep your electricity bills down, add a wonderfully designed machine to your home, and relieve the humidity levels by getting the hOmeLabs 9 Gallon Dehumidifier. This excellent unit has a big tank for extra moist environments, uses less than 5 Amps’ worth of power, and removes 9 gallons of water out of the air each day; that’s nine gallons that aren’t landing on your clothes, furniture, or stored items. You will prolong the life of your home, feel better, have a nicer smell, and be really happy with this top-rated dehumidifier.

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