Most Energy-efficient Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers are famous for being not only moisture suckers but energy suckers. They drive up your electric bill because they’re continuously running, have high-capacity water tanks, and are trying to cover many square feet of space.

If you’d rather not see a massive increase in your utility bills, then take a look at these small, well-designed and energy-efficient dehumidifiers. They use less power than the lightbulbs in your living room, all while taking plenty of water out of the air in your home. As a bonus, they’re small, compact, and quiet, too.

ANTRobut Compact and Portable Dehumidifier

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This little dehumidifier from ANTRobut is not only compact and portable, it’s also very energy efficient. It uses only 22 watts of power, so less than most lightbulbs. From a 2,200 cubic foot area in your home, garage, basement, dorm, or apartment, it will suck up to 20 ounces of moisture per day, filling up the 68 ounce water tank.

Overall, this little dehumidifier is designed to look like one of those space heaters, with a slightly cylindrical shape, air vents on either side, and the drawer-like tank situated right in front. There’s a handle on the top in the back to move it, but no rolling wheels.

Operating this energy-efficient dehumidifier couldn’t be easier. There’s a switch on top to turn it off or on. That’s it. So, it’s nice to have a one touch operation that doesn’t require a complicated manual or instructions. It’s one fancy feature is that it does have an automatic shutoff, once the water tank is full. This compact dehumidifier is also very quiet and won’t wake up a sleeping baby or disturb you if you have it in an office. The power cord is 100 inches in length.

The machine works in an environment that is around 50 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer, so not suitable for very cold basements. In size, it’s 14.1” high, 9.6” wide, and 7.2” deep, with a weight of 6.44 pounds.


  • Small, lightweight, compact, and space-saving
  • Uses a tiny amount of electricity, less than a lightbulb
  • Really easy to operate; just plug it in and turn it on


  • No continuous draining option for the water tank
  • No humidity settings or controls
  • Can’t be used in very cold basements

When you need just a simple ‘set it and let it do its thing’ type of machine in a non-cold space, this ANTRobut Compact and Portable Dehumidifier is a perfect choice for a bathroom, nursery, laundry room, or bedroom.

Hysure Dehumidifier

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This is one of the most attractive, non-obtrusively designed dehumidifiers on the market. This model from Hysure is small enough to fit in a compact bathroom, bedroom, or nursery, and it actually looks more like a stereo speaker than a dehumidifier, so it’s definitely not an eyesore. The ‘speaker’ section in the front is actually the air filter. You access the water tank in the back.

There is one cute little button right on top, which begins the dehumidifying process, sucking up to 300 ml of water daily out of the air to store in the 700-ml capacity tank. Once the tank is full, it automatically shuts off, until you simply empty the tank and press the button again.

The overall sound is below 33 decibels, so it’s super quiet and won’t disturb babies, children, adults, or pets. It also is energy saving and eco-friendly since it’s made without chemical substances. It only uses 22 watts of power, so you won’t notice a jump in your electric bills at all; it would be like adding one more lamp with a lightbulb. In size, this tiny unit is 6.4” wide, 4.2” deep, and only 10.5” high, with a weight of only 2.7 pounds.

In coverage, it’s for an area measuring between 32 and 65 square feet. Before using it, check that the room temperature is greater than 68 degrees Fahrenheit, since it won’t work in colder rooms.


  • Small and well-designed, attractive enough to fit in any room
  • So energy efficient that it barely uses any electricity
  • Has automatic shut off once water tank is full


  • Can’t be used in rooms colder than 68 degrees Fahrenheit
  • No continuous drainage feature
  • Doesn’t cover a lot of square footage space.

This little Hysure Dehumidifier would fit best in a nursery, dorm room, humid bathroom, or storage closet, since, although it’s attractive, it doesn’t take a lot of moisture out of the air.

MSJ Portable Dehumidifier

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Take 8 ounces of moisture out of the air every day in a 1,100 cubic foot space with this cute and portable MSJ Dehumidifier. The water tank size is 16 ounces, so it can go for two days. It’s got a great color scheme of bright white and a royal blue water tank, with a simple on/off switch operation and the tank right in front for convenient emptying. Once full, the machine automatically shuts off. On the top in the back is a handle for carrying, and it has non-slip feet.

The optimum temperature for operation for this energy efficient dehumidifier is around 86 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s best in warm, sticky climates. It’s very quiet and doesn’t have a compressor to suck the energy, either. It’s less than 35 decibels, making it great for a nursery or office.

As for the energy amount, it only uses 22 watts of power, which in the world of dehumidifiers is excellent. That’s less than a lightbulb. In size, this MSJ Portable Dehumidifier measures 11.6” high, 6.4” wide, and 5.3” deep, with a weight of 2.84 pounds.


  • Covers up to 1100 cubic feet of space
  • Super easy to operate, with one-touch button
  • Compact and energy efficient


  • Tank is small
  • Doesn’t work well in lower temperatures
  • No fancy features like humidity control or continuous drainage

For the price, this is one of the best energy efficient dehumidifiers; while nothing fancy, it’s cute, quiet, and portable, all while taking ounce after ounce of water out of the air.


You’ve got a small space to dehumidify, you love these little dehumidifiers, and you want the best for your money. With its perfect 5/5 star rating, the ANTRobut Dehumidifier is your top pick. For its size, it covers a surprising amount of space, has a great design, a big water tank, and uses very little energy. You’ll be really happy with it – and enjoy the drier air, too.

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