Best Small Dehumidifier – Our 3 Top Picks For 2019

Most products especially home appliances have small and big versions or counterparts. When a buyer picks the smaller version due to budget constraints, for instance, he or she does not expect much.

Normally, one cannot expect all the features and functions of the big version from the small version. However, with the best small dehumidifier, this does not seem to be the case.

Big dehumidifiers or those that have a capacity of 70 pints have all the possible features one can think of and more. They usually have a compressor, a digital display, controls for humidity and temperature, fan speed control, and efficient air inlet and outlet. They also usually have a built-in pump for convenience in disposing of the moisture they collected from the air.

Believe it or not, there are small dehumidifiers that have most of these options. People just need to find them among the long list of dehumidifiers available on the market today.

To assist everyone who is planning to get a small dehumidifier, this article reviews the best ones. In the end, it is up to you to decide if you only need a simple cheap dehumidifier with limited functions or a small dehumidifier that gives real value for money. Hopefully this article can help you find one that is just right for you.

KEDSUM Small Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier

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The first one in the list is Kedsum Small Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier. The size of this one is 8.6 inches in height, 6 inches in width, and 5 inches in depth. Since it is small, it is easy to move from room to room or even closet to closet.

It can remove 8.8 ounces of moisture in a day, and it has a tank capacity of 17.6 ounces. The tank is easy to remove and empty and has no-spill feature. The tank is also transparent, so the user can easily monitor the amount of moisture it is collecting.

This small dehumidifier has an auto shut-off feature that stops it from working once the water tank gets full. The indicator light will also signal that the user should empty the tank for it to continue working.

The on/off button is also strategically placed at the top, and not at the back. The air inlet and outlet are big for better dehumidification.

It is made of plastic, so it is very durable when used and cleaned properly. Its stylish look makes it perfect to be placed in the kitchen or any busy areas in the house.

It can be easily moved several times in a day from different places in the house as needed. There’s no need to buy a lot of these since most areas of the house do not have high humidity all day.

It uses Peltier Whisper technology, so it is very quiet. It is even approved by the Federal Communications Commission of the USA because of the minimal noise it produces.

It can work well within areas of 100 square feet such as bathrooms, small bedrooms, closets, small laundry rooms, kitchens, etc.


  • It is small and lightweight, so it is easy to transfer from room to room.
  • The design makes it look convenient to maintain.
  • The 'on' indicator light and 'full tank' indicator lights provide assistance, especially at night.
  • Since it does not have a compressor, it is quiet and can be used in the bedroom and even in the nursery.
  • It effectively removes excess moisture in the air, making the home healthier.


  • Its color is not easy to match home designs and decors
  • Does not have other controls aside from the on/off button

The video below shows this top performing mini dehumidifier in action including the setup and operation of the unit

LONOVE Dehumidifier

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This portable dehumidifier has a bucket capacity of 51oz (1500ml). It can suck up to 600ml(20 oz) of moisture in the air per day. It is small but can be used in rooms up to 323 square feet. So it packs a more powerful punch compared to the KEDSUM option above.

Its dimensions are 6.1 x 13.4 x 8.6 inches. It is portable and lightweight for easy transport.

Just like other small dehumidifiers, it has no compressor. It is quieter than larger dehumidifiers (less than 35dB) so it won't disturb your sleep or study. It is also energy efficient, meaning you will save on running costs compared to older dehumidifiers. In addition it comes with 30 days money back or 24 months warranty support.

An essential feature in our opinion is the auto shut off when the water tank is full and you will be notified with the LED light.

It is perfect for use in dim areas such as the closet and small attics and basements since it has an indicator light to let the user know that the tank is full and ready to be cleared. The color white and gray would easily complement any kind of home interior.

This small dehumidifier is also extremely easy to use with a one-button start function.


  • The fact that it is a low energy use appliance means it is cheap to run. It will not add a lot to the home’s electric consumption.
  • The cord is 6 feet in length, so it can be placed more strategically anywhere in a room or cabinet.
  • The design and colors make it ideal for anywhere in the house.
  • One-touch Start Feature
  • Good for small to medium sized rooms


  • It will not make much of a difference in large rooms.
  • Just like other small dehumidifiers, it is more efficient in ideal environments (i.e., humidity higher than 80%).

YouFu Small-Size Home Dehumidifier

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YouFu Small-Size Home Dehumidifier is great for a small dehumidifier since it has a digital display that lets users know the relative humidity at first, and buttons for setting the relative humidity the user wants to achieve. It has a power and tank status indicator lights in the front, while the on/off switch is at the back for safety.

The water tank is also placed at the back, but the amount of water in it can be viewed from the front using a transparent vertical peeping hole. It has the ability to auto shut off when full.

In can be used for rooms up to 180 square feet in size, and can extract as much as 13.5 ounces of moisture in a day from the air.

It also looks stylish with its color white and smooth finish. It does not have any pointed corners and edges. It is made of plastic, so buyers can expect durability.


  • It is the only one among the three that has a humidistat.
  • It lets the user know the actual relative humidity to guide him or her in modifying the setting.
  • It also uses Peltier technology for whisper-like hums and energy efficiency.
  • There is a troubleshooting button to make sure that should a problem arise, the performance of the dehumidifier will go back to normal.


  • Minimal air inlet and outlet

Best Small Dehumidifier: The Verdict

Among the three in this list, the best small dehumidifier in our opinion is the incredible YouFu Small-Size Home Dehumidifier. We've arrived at our verdict because though it is categorized as small and portable, it has a digital humidistat that users can set to match their desired relative humidity in the home. This feature cannot be found in portable dehumidifiers this size.

It also looks great, and the design has a smooth finish. The water tank is easy to pull and empty. The buttons and switch are all in the right places. This one gives a bang for the buck.

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