Best Dehumidifier Brands – For Long Lasting Quality

When you're looking for a new dehumidifier its crucial to know the top brands of manufacturers for these products. Our research is detailed in this article and should help you out.

What follows is a summary of each company, the type of dehumidifiers they produce, the countries in which they are manufactured, and the price range of their best sellers. Additional details relating to the brands are also included where relevant to help you find the best brand of dehumidifier for you. 

What are the Best Dehumidifier Brands?


Frigidaire is one of the best dehumidifier brands and our top choice. They have a wide range of dehumidifiers with varied capacities, ranging from 30 pints per day to 95 pints. 

The price of these dehumidifier starts from $180 and reaches up to $600 (Consumer Reports, Inc., 2019; Frigidaire, n.d.). It is an American company, which manufactures both commercials as well as consumer appliances to enable people to prepare as well as store quality meals (Frigidaire, 2015).

General Electric

Another dehumidifier brand, which has been considered for this study is General Electric (GE). The company operates its business worldwide. It has integrated world-class engineering with analytical skills and software so that safer, efficient, and reliable products can be manufactured. 

At present, it has been able to provide new paradigms, especially in data analytics, manufacturing, and material science (General Electric, 2019).

GE is found to be a widely-sold brand and is available in online retail stores such as Amazon and Wal-Mart. The dehumidifiers, which are offered by this brand, are of three key types i.e. large, small, and medium capacities (Consumer Reports, Inc., 2019).


Kenmore is the brand of Sears' house and its dehumidifiers are of varied ranges, which can cost between $200 and $300, which is sold exclusively at Kmart and Sears (Consumer Reports, Inc., 2019).

Kenmore is found to have products, which are manufactured by various other well-known brands such as Whirlpool, Daewoo Electronics, LG, and Panasonic among others.

The company has been operating in the market for 100 years and thereby ensures trusted performance. The main motive is to integrate leading innovations as well as make innovative products available to American customers.

It has three types of dehumidifiers:

  1.  Kenmore KM70 70-Pint;
  2. Kenmore KM30 35-Pint; and
  3. Kenmore KM50 50-Pint.

The company also provides additional services to consumers. It has also been focusing on considering continuous changes in the company so that innovations can regularly take place (Sears Brands, LLC, 2019).

The company specializes in providing ample amount of humidity in the air thereby preventing allergen, mildew, and mold buildup.

When these dehumidifiers are paired with air conditioners (AC), then it has the ability to reduce the quantity of water vapor in the atmosphere, which, in turn, can allow the AC to operate in the most efficient and effective way. These dehumidifiers are found to be available in stationary as well as portable forms (Sears Brands, LLC, 2019a).


LG is another company known to be one the best brands for home appliances. The company is currently offering only one kind of dehumidifier at a price of $300.

This dehumidifier is a large-capacity model, which is readily available in independent retail stores along with Costco and Home Depot (Consumer Reports, Inc., 2019).

LG is a South Korean multinational corporation, whose headquarters is situated in Seoul. In addition, LG has been aiming to maintain its reputation that it has gained over the years since its establishment in the global market (LG Electronics, 2019). It has been offering stylish, powerful, and quiet dehumidifiers to customers worldwide. LG produces dehumidifiers, which combine convenience with safety features for providing a comfortable atmosphere in the households of the customers. It has only one model of dehumidifiers and that is LG PuriCare™ 70 Pint Dehumidifier (LG Electronics, 2019a).


Amana is another well-known brand, which has been taken into consideration in this study. They believe in delivering a high-amount of value, thereby providing home appliances such as dehumidifier at affordable prices (Amana, 2019).

It has been manufacturing its products since 1934 in Middle Amana, Iowa for American households (Amana, 2019a). It produces dehumidifiers, which are available in two different categories i.e. large and small capacities.

The price of these dehumidifiers ranges from ($230 to $270) (Consumer Reports, Inc., 2019).

The company has been manufacturing its products in America, as one of the key American corporations, which is operating throughout the world and is headquartered in Boston (Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc., 2019).


Another well-known brand, which has been producing dehumidifiers, is Toshiba. This brand has recently entered the market along with the CR’s rating.

The products manufactured by this brand are only available at Home Depot. However, it has a wide variety of dehumidifiers to offer to the customers with large, small, as well as, medium capacities.

The prices in which the dehumidifiers are available to the customers range from $150 to $280 (Consumer Reports, Inc., 2019).

Additionally, Toshiba has been headquartered in Tokyo and has been serving customers all over the world. It is committed to providing the customers with the products and services, which it has promised (Toshiba Corporation, 2019).

The brand has been manufacturing and availing its products to the customers, especially in Hong Kong with three variants namely:

  • RAD-DS70H;
  • RAD-S160H; and
  • RAD-S180H

The first product is the Desiccant Type Dehumidifier of 7 liters. The second model is the Compressor Type Dehumidifier of 15.5 liters and the final model is a Compressor Type Dehumidifier of 17.5 liters (Toshiba Hong Kong Limited, 2019).


Whirlpool is another renowned brand, which has been offering varied models of dehumidifiers. The company has been offering dehumidifiers of small, large, and medium capacities.

These dehumidifiers are available in the market from $180 to $270.

Customers can purchase these products from online retail stores such as Lowe's, Wal-Mart, Target, and Home Depot (Consumer Reports, Inc., 2019).

Whirlpool Corporation has become the leading home appliance organization in the entire world. To remain in the leading position, it has been employing around 92,000 employees and already accounted to have 65 manufacturing as well as research centers in the year 2018 (Whirlpool Corporation, 2019).

It has been offering portable dehumidifiers with (30 to 70) pints, which can cover not only large basements but also medium-sized rooms.

The company currently offers 7 types of dehumidifiers namely:

  1. Energy Star® 50-Pint Portable Room Dehumidifier - WHAD501AW;
  2. Energy Star® 60-Pint Portable Room Dehumidifier - WHAD601AW;
  3. Energy Star® 70-Pint Portable Room Dehumidifier - WHAD701AW;
  4. Energy Star® 30-Pint Dehumidifier,;
  5. Energy Star® 45-Pint Dehumidifier;
  6. Energy Star® 70-Pint Dehumidifier; and 
  7. Energy Star® 70-Pint Dehumidifier with Built-In Pump (Whirlpool, 2018).


The above-obtained information depicts that there are a good variety of renowned brands, providing quality dehumidifiers in domestic as well as international markets.

Among the considered brands, it was found that most of the companies mentioned their capacity range along with prices, but whether it is portable or central is not prominent. However, brands such as Kenmore avail both portables as well as stationary dehumidifiers. On the other hand, Whirlpool has been providing its customers only portable dehumidifiers.


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