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Robert is an engineer with a special interest in electronic gadgets and appliances. Optimum Humidity is one of a number of niche websites that he writes product reviews for.

Optimal Indoor Humidity

How often have you thought about the humidity in your home? Does it even matter what the humidity is? Well, I am here to tell you that it does. Keeping your humidity at the correct level can create a comfortable and healthy space. Monitoring the humidity levels in your home can make a big difference in […]

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How Does Temperature Affect Humidity?

One thing you need to know about humidity, especially when you are thinking about the humidity levels in your home, is temperature. Temperature has a direct effect on the humidity levels whether it’s inside or outside your home. If you are trying to control the humidity of your home, either through humidifiers or dehumidifiers, but have […]

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Humidifier vs Vaporizer – Which One Do You Need?

One of the most frequently asked questions that we encounter about the topic of humidifiers is the difference between a humidifier and the closely-related and similar looking Vaporizer. Tricky indeed! But be confused no more; we shall give you the answers today on the similarities and differences between the two, plus pointers on which one […]

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How To Choose A Dehumidifier

The feeling of dampness in the air, excess moisture on the walls, and wet floors are some indicators that humidity levels at home are high. This triggers some warnings like rotting odor and growth of molds, which compromise the comfort at home and the health of the family. Certainly, nobody would want that to happen […]

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Top Rated Dehumidifiers

Moldy basements, mildewy rooms, and sticky humid summer temperatures become a breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful substances in your home. Moisture is your house’s number one enemy – but how do you get rid of it and take all that water out of the air? You need one of the best-rated dehumidifiers on […]

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Whole House Dehumidifier Reviews

Got a 3 bedroom house that’s sticky, damp, musty, or prone to mold and mildew? Do you have a basement you virtually can’t use because it’s too wet? Has the humid climate gotten to you and you’re tired of feeling sticky? Then you definitely need a dehumidifier. These amazing machines use filters, fans, and sometimes […]

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