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Robert is an engineer with a special interest in electronic gadgets and appliances. Optimum Humidity is one of a number of niche websites that he writes product reviews for.

Does a Dehumidifier Help With Mold?

Do you live in a really humid environment or home? If so, you may have mold issues, or at least be at risk of having mold develop and grow in your home. If the air you live in has more than 60% humidity, chances are that mold will grow. This is of course something to avoid […]

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Best Small Dehumidifier – Our 3 Top Picks For 2019

Most products especially home appliances have small and big versions or counterparts. When a buyer picks the smaller version due to budget constraints, for instance, he or she does not expect much. Normally, one cannot expect all the features and functions of the big version from the small version. However, with the best small dehumidifier, this […]

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How Does A Dehumidifier Work?

If you do not have a dehumidifier, but you live in a place that is very humid and moist, you might want to consider getting one. They are useful machines that can improve the quality of your environment and your health. They are not just for show because there are many health risks associated with […]

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